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21 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

This is an open secret for awhile now, but we now have our own dot com site! We have been working hard decorating the site, porting the posts over, and making sure everything is working. We are very excited about this and I hope you will love our new site as much as we do!

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, do not worry as all our new articles posted from now on will point there. If you were subscribing to us via RSS, please update your feed to If you are old school, please update your bookmarks to point to

We all have personal email addresses now, and you can send us an email directly from within a post. We now also have a spanking new Mail Us email, so if you would like to send all of us an email, feel free to hit us up at

This is not our official launch of the site, just a cold one. But please, do visit from now on!

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Inertial scrolling on pre-2010 multitouch MacBooks?

21 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s an app for that. Simply called InertialScroll, this app runs in the background and lives in your menubar. You can make it launch on login so you don’t have to. No system file hacking, just a simple app. A pity the icon looks like piss.

It doesn’t feel as smooth as my Magic Mouse, but it works pretty well so far. Give it a shot.

And yes, when I say MacBooks, it is also inclusive of MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. Feel free to try on non-multitouch MacBooks too, but I doubt it will work.

10 easy steps to creating iPhone ringtones for FREE!

20 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

Cult of Mac author Jose Gutierrez has come up with 10 easy (and free) steps to creating your own iPhone ringtones. Though the instructions are not the easiest in the world, they offer a better alternative as compared to Garage Band or buying from online retailers. (via Cult of Mac)

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iPad to launch this Friday, July 23

19 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

So the weekend has passed and no launch… Our tip has been updated that the launch has been postponed to this coming Friday, 23rd July, instead! The fellas at Engadget have backed this tip-off as well, citing other countries such as Netherlands and New Zealand to be launching the same weekend.

Pricing and availability will be updated when the information is available.

UPDATE: The launch date is official, here is Apple’s press release.

CUPERTINO, California—July 19, 2010—Apple® today announced that iPad™ will be available in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore this Friday, July 23.

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Updates from Apple’s July 16th Press Conference

19 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

So… Apple has admitted their fault in the iPhone 4’s antenna design. What they are doing now, is shipping free bumpers with every iPhone 4 purchased. That’s not all, customers who have already bought their iPhone 4 can register on Apple’s site for their free Bumpers too!

This is but a mere and ugly fix to the iPhone 4’s problems…

Next up, the iPhone is set to be launched in Singapore end July! Keep keep checking back for updates! We will be planning something big for our readers!

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Apple Keynote this Friday, new products to be released?

16 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

Apple is going to hold a Keynote this Friday, July 16th at 10AM PST (Saturday, July 17th at 1AM SGT), and it’s anyone’s guess what new products are to be released.

A refreshed iPod Touch with 3MP camera is widely rumored, along with a redesigned MacBook Air with a 11.6-inch display. I also believe there will be a Mac Pro refresh for “one more thing”.

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iOS 4.0.1 is out, new bars are hideous

16 Jul, 2010 Leave a comment

Update includes the dreaded ugly bars. Apparently the baseband was not updated so do not expect better reception or a less crashy baseband.

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